John Zogby Strategies provides a wide-range of opinion research services. Here is how our four-decades-long work has been used for clients across the globe:

  • Live call, robo call, and online survey methodologies including the best and most specific panels a firm can offer for a one-time poll or tracking over a period of time
  • Market research to find your niche in a competitive world
  • Survey instrument design, analysis, and insights to help our clients understand what the data all means in the present and into the future
  • Traditional and interactive focus groups drilling down and finding the messages to explain your brand/product/service.
  • Dial testing as a time-tested sophisticated means of discovering in real time what moves your targeted base and the undecided.
  • In-depth interviews/Stakeholder interviews as another cost-effective means of probing the wisdom of the crowd to validate effective communications
  • Jury selection research to find the optimum jurors, change of venue, provide mock trials, and message testing.

Brand Development

idea600In a globally competitive world there is no shortage of talent. Skills are not enough; neither is fancy packaging. Any product or message needs its testing and public approval. Branding and messaging require the best research and testing capabilities. Inaccurate or shoddy information can be the difference between thriving and failing.

Finding Your Market

globe600Whether consulting on a product or service, our command of culture and demographics, combined with our research capabilities and expertise in finding the meaning of the data, can help you locate your position in the market.  We’re specialists in both data and people, and know how to bridge the two together to help you gain a real edge.

Communication Strategies: Waging & Winning Campaigns

impact600 Every campaign – whether political, public relations, branding, or capital development – needs a well-crafted survey and data to discover from the very beginning the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that lie ahead.  To do otherwise is a shot in the dark with your budget.  JZS consultants are second to no one in gauging and translating the public pulse and will help you to deliver your message exactly the way you need to.

Unleashing Your Dynamic Workforce

tribesA few organizations are ahead of the curve when it comes to bridging the gap between Gen Z, Millennials and Boomers, who are increasingly working side by side. However, many are not and as a result, they fall behind.  Our consulting services have aided numerous agencies and companies on how best to understand and achieve cooperation among various cohorts with distinct values.

Strategic Planning Through Turbulent Times

cityDo you know what your organization’s next 3-5 years will look like?  Is your organization positioned for the coming wave of dynamic changes?  Companies and agencies within every sector need not worry as long as they bring in an objective set of eyes and ears to listen, learn and map out your future.  Whether it was 1987, 2000 or 2008, we were there to help map out the future.

Data-Driven Jury Selection & Trial Consulting

stakeholdersWhen selecting or assessing a jury – intuition can never and should never be replaced – but it can be enabled and enhanced with good data.  JZS surveys, focus groups and mock juries tap into a person’s culture, personality, core values and personal aspirations.  We help you find the leader, the most likely to go along/get along, the listener, the talker, the most flexible, etc.  We have succeeded in high profile murder cases, product liability, medical malpractice and civil cases involving retail giants.

Tribal Analytics

tribal_servicesWe are successful forecasters. You cannot forecast without data but you also cannot look ahead without assessing people’s personal aspirations, their goals, their values, and their sense of where they want to be and where they could be.

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