Waging and Winning Campaigns

impact600Based on decades of engagements in political and corporate campaigns at every level, the John Zogby Strategies team offers the experience, analysis, insights and strategies that our clients require to achieve success. In addition to experience in analysis, we make use of the best available opinion research and the world’s best quantitative data. We also employ qualitative including focus groups, executive interviews, dial testing, and desktop research.


idea600In a globally competitive world there is no shortage of talent. Skills are not enough; neither is fancy packaging. Any product or message needs its testing and public approval. Branding and messaging require the best research and testing capabilities. Inaccurate or shoddy information can be the difference between thriving and failing.


globe600Are you ready for the tough questions from pundits and the public? The John Zogby Strategies consultants are second to no one in gauging and translating the public pulse and will help you to deliver your message exactly the way you need to.

Knowing Age Cohorts and Tribes

tribesThere are three books John Zogby has written that deal with the future- one in which he’s laid out who the new consumers are, another where he’s discussed the first global generation, and the latest where he looks at people transcending demographics and identifying themselves in tribes. This unique data and analysis is a treasure trove for clients seeking to better position themselves in the marketplace by better understanding constituencies.

Promoting Innovation and Productivity in a Dynamic World

cityCosts are rising everywhere. Agencies, communities and companies face constraints as they seek to continue providing services while resources become scarcer. John Zogby Strategies provides honest assessments about how to move forward in this dynamic world – how to optimize resources, when and with whom to collaborate, if and when to consolidate with other agencies, and how to raise money when public and private funding mechanisms are drying up. We propose to conduct interviews with a wide variety of stakeholders, assess the operations and current usage of human resources, and examine annual budgets to immerse ourselves into the life of each organization. Outcomes include detailed recommendations, a strategic plan, and implementation consulting.

Convening Stakeholders

stakeholdersPublic and private sector leaders are generally too caught up in day to day operations and crises to focus on bigger picture visions and strategies. They miss out on the ability to optimize resources and how to move forward. This JZS service helps get the ball rolling for a community, educational institutions, a corporation, or an agency. In this role we develop an agenda with leaders and schedule, convene, and moderate a focused discussion of the future.

Tribal Analytics

tribal_servicesWe are successful forecasters. You cannot forecast without data but you also cannot look ahead without assessing people’s personal aspirations, their goals, their values, and their sense of where they want to be and where they could be.

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