Trump and the Revolution

It does not matter whether I agree with all, some, or any of President Donald Trump’s Inaugural Address. It was simply a great speech. It will be memorable because it was revolutionary. It was so different and consistent with his campaign.  He has defined a new role for the government, for the public, for patriotism,…


The Trump Era Begins

The Trump Era Begins The world has turned upside down. How you feel about the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the Presidency depends on whether you were already standing right side up or were already upside down. There is so much happening all at once that it is dizzying for long time observers, so I…


Now the U.S. Needs to Import Democracy

After heady decades of being the world’s beacon of self-governance, human rights, and freedom, our wonderful country seems to have lost its way. During and after the Cold War, we not only provided a role model for burgeoning democracies, we actively engaged in training newly formed political parties in developing countries on how to organize…


John Zogby Strategies Shares Results of Ohio G.R.E.A.T. Survey of Business Leaders

This is phase 1 of our pathbreaking study which we conducted with the Ohio G.R.E.A.T. initiative under the Ohio State Department of Higher Education, in conjunction with Global Ties


Full Report Here: OhioReport_full1a

Please visit sites below to learn more about these two cutting edge institutions:

Ohio G.R.E.A.T.

Global Ties

The Polls Were Okay, the Pundits Stunk

Some of the best known talking heads fell on their faces all through the election, including Election Night. How could Donald Trump be winning when the polls showed beyond a reasonable doubt that Hillary Clinton was marching nonstop to the White House? First, the polls were not so bad after all. Aside from the usual…