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What some are saying about the Main St. - K St. IntelligenSEER

The boldness of the vision of a nation and a world spinning out of control — the titanic grasp of political and social trends – the sheer depth of the rationale – the sweeping agenda of providing some sort of tool to navigate the churning seas of our turbulent times – these are just a few of the impressions of the mission of IntelligenSEER.
–Michael Carmichael, International Political Consultant & Scholar

I find the IntelligenSEER to be an intriguing and useful combination of facts, predictions, and survey results.  SEER indeed.
–Kirkpatrick Sale, author of Human Scale & The Collapse of 2020

Everything in the newsletter is important for all of us to know and it helps me to reconnect with the past.
–Jim Lichtman, author of What Do You Stand For? & It’s Ethics, Stupid!

Nearly 40 years of excellence providing the most accurate polling and market research – servicing clients in over 80 countries, ranging from global NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, candidates from all parties, business startups, and local municipalities trying to redefine their strategy amidst dynamic changes. JZS asks revealing questions that get to the core and point to the future, offer meaningful analysis, and guiding strategies.

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