During the past several years, Congress spent an enormous amount of time investigating Donald Trump. They do have the power to investigate, but to investigate in order to legislate.

And now, with the new Republican Congress, a wave of investigations into the Biden administration has already begun.

Do any of these investigations matter, or are any of them serving the American people? Are we in a post-persuasion or post-truth society? It’s evident that the parties are at war with another, but is it more complicated behind the scenes that deserves more scrutiny?

How can we expect real accountability in congress when it seems like no matter who is in charge – it’s the fox guarding the henhouse.

Finally – recent reports seem to indicate that while inflation is still up, the rate of growth seems to be slowing. This has been helping President Biden’s numbers. As we look ahead to 2024, is Biden reinvigorated?

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  1. I enjoyed the dialog today. It does seem that the party activity of endless Jerry Springer showmanship it the modern “bread and circus” that covers the behind the scene reality over. Small example; how does a young female bartender become a millionaire in a few short years?

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