Rely on Zogby’s four decades of voter opinion and attitudes research to guide your policy decision. As a versatile and experienced consumer opinion survey and political survey company, John Zogby StrategiesSM gathers the most insightful and profitable information from the individuals whose opinions matter the most for your success.





Our mission is to be the most exceptional market research company, opinion survey service, and trendspotting research company in the world. At John Zogby StrategiesSM, we use cutting-edge survey design & services to gather valuable data from focus group testing, market segmentation research, public opinion polling, and other research methods. Our services include:

  • Focus group research and marketing
  • Survey data collection
  • Market research services
  • National opinion surveys
  • Opinion and political research
  • Online and political polling service
  • Employee opinion surveys
  • Telephone survey service
  • Online focus group service
  • Brand survey service
  • Customer survey services and consumer opinion research data
  • Trendspotting research services
  • Jury selection research

Latest News and Articles

The Zogby Report | 09.30.22 – Are We Asking The Right Questions?

Today on the podcast let’s talk about our profession – polling. There have been several articles coming out asking ‘ will they get it wrong again this year?’  So what can polls actually tell us vs what do we want them to tell us? Everyone hangs on the horserace number – but its’ the wrong…

Vast Majority Of Manufacturers Plan Price Increases In 2023, According To New Poll By Forbes, Xometry And Zogby

Read on Forbes or below: Most Manufacturers Say They’ll Continue Hiking Prices Into 2023 As Inflation Persists. Inflation has been rising, and if the expectations of manufacturing CEOs is an indication, it’s not going to let up soon. In a recent poll by Forbes, Xometry and Zogby, 87% of them said they’ll hike prices in…

Abortion Access Influences Location Decisions For One In Five U.S. Manufacturing CEOs, According To Forbes-Zogby Poll

Read on Forbes or below Two of Indiana’s biggest employers said last month that they’d think twice about expanding facilities in the state after the legislature passed a near-total ban on abortion. A new poll shows that, nationwide, the companies are hardly unique. Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, which has been based in Indiana since 1876…