John Zogby Strategies will help you navigate through our dramatically changing world.  For four decades we have worked with governments – both big and small – Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 companies, startups, small non-profits and the United Nations, political candidates from the local sheriff to the presidency of the United States, and have polled in 80 countries.

Pollster, author, and trend-spotter John Zogby has joined with his sons Benjamin and Jeremy to provide the analysis and strategies to guide you through the changes you simply have to make.

What We Do

John Zogby Strategies provides a wide-range of opinion research services. Here is how our four-decades-long work has been used for clients across the globe:

  • Live call, robo call, and online survey methodologies including the best and most specific panels a firm can offer for a one-time poll or tracking over a period of time
  • Market research to find your niche in a competitive world
  • Survey instrument design, analysis, and insights to help our clients understand what the data all means in the present and into the future
  • Traditional and interactive focus groups drilling down and finding the messages to explain your brand/product/service.
  • Dial testing as a time-tested sophisticated means of discovering in real time what moves your targeted base and the undecided.
  • In-depth interviews/Stakeholder interviews as another cost-effective means of probing the wisdom of the crowd to validate effective communications
  • Jury selection research to find the optimum jurors, change of venue, provide mock trials, and message testing.
Branding Development
Finding Your Market
Waging & Winning Campaigns
Managing & Unleashing Your Dynamic Workforce
Strategic Planning Through Turbulent Times
Data-Driven Jury Selection & Trial Consulting
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