Rely on Zogby’s four decades of voter opinion and attitudes research to guide your policy decision. As a versatile and experienced consumer opinion survey and political survey company, John Zogby StrategiesSM gathers the most insightful and profitable information from the individuals whose opinions matter the most for your success.





Our mission is to be the most exceptional market research company, opinion survey service, and trendspotting research company in the world. At John Zogby StrategiesSM, we use cutting-edge survey design & services to gather valuable data from focus group testing, market segmentation research, public opinion polling, and other research methods. Our services include:

  • Focus group research and marketing
  • Survey data collection
  • Market research services
  • National opinion surveys
  • Opinion and political research
  • Online and political polling service
  • Employee opinion surveys
  • Telephone survey service
  • Online focus group service
  • Brand survey service
  • Customer survey services and consumer opinion research data
  • Trendspotting research services
  • Jury selection research

Latest News and Articles

The Zogby Report | 12.02.22 – Legendary Strategist Joe Trippi

Today on the podcast we have a very special guest – legendary strategist Joe Trippi. Joe Trippi has worked for Democrats at every level over 4 decades – from Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale and managing Howard Dean’s groundbreaking presidential campaign in 2004. Trippi has been a media and campaign strategist for dozens of Senate and…

The Zogby Report | 11.18.22 – The 7th Day of the 2024 Election

The midterms are officially over and already the campaign for 2024 has begun. Beginning with the Democrat’s showing in the midterms, Joe Biden is taking a victory lap and we’ve also seen the immediate announcement of a presidential run from Donald Trump. While all the pundits are already talking about the next election cycle we…

The Zogby Report | 11.11.22 – Lessons from the Midterms

Among all the analysis and predictions of a red wave from so many pundits and pollsters, when we looked at our numbers we were not surprised by the outcome of this week’s election.  And while all the races are not yet called, once again It’s looking like control of the Senate will depend on the…