Rely on Zogby’s four decades of voter opinion and attitudes research to guide your policy decision. As a versatile and experienced consumer opinion survey and political survey company, John Zogby StrategiesSM gathers the most insightful and profitable information from the individuals whose opinions matter the most for your success.





Our mission is to be the most exceptional market research company, opinion survey service, and trendspotting research company in the world. At John Zogby StrategiesSM, we use cutting-edge survey design & services to gather valuable data from focus group testing, market segmentation research, public opinion polling, and other research methods. Our services include:

  • Focus group research and marketing
  • Survey data collection
  • Market research services
  • National opinion surveys
  • Opinion and political research
  • Online and political polling service
  • Employee opinion surveys
  • Telephone survey service
  • Online focus group service
  • Brand survey service
  • Customer survey services and consumer opinion research data
  • Trendspotting research services
  • Jury selection research

Latest News and Articles

The Zogby Report | 05.24.24 – Are Likely Voters Today, the Likely Voters of Tomorrow? We poll likely voters all year round. But how likely are today’s likely voters going to be likely voters in November? Are there facts that may cause them to not vote between and then? In our business we’ve learned that there can be changes that can have profound effects. Most likely voters are committed.…

The Zogby Report | 05.09.24 – Are We Heading Towards the Summer of ’68?

Today on the podcast let’s dive into what the summer holds for the 2024 election. Will it be a summer for history such as the summer of 1968? That summer marked a tremendous change in the political landscape and was a point where the country was seriously split by the Vietnam war, a large student-led…

Washington Secrets: 26,000 voters say RFK Jr. can win it all

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