As an expert survey design service, John Zogby StrategiesSM  adeptly provides comprehensive survey instrument design, analysis, and insights to help our clients understand what the data all means in the present and into the future. Depending on your organization’s specific needs, John Zogby StrategiesSM  can function as a brand survey service, customer survey service, or political survey service.


For corporate organizations, we can collect opinions, attitudes, and actions associated with the different market segments and demographics that your products and services are catered towards. Whether you need help adjusting your brand’s messaging or your products’ functions to reach your audience more effectively, we’ll design quantitative and qualitative survey questions to find the most crucial bits of information for your use.


For political clients, we’ll gather pertinent data from opinion surveys or voter surveys designed to provide an exhaustive information base you can pull from while designing messaging and campaign plans. By knowing how certain demographics feel, you’ll be able to strategize how to appeal to the hearts and minds of potential voters.