John Zogby StrategiesSM provides a wide-range of opinion research services. Here is how our four-decades-long work has been used for clients across the globe:

Polling & Focus Groups

Expert guidance on polling techniques and conducting focus groups including virtual settings in this era of social distancing.

  • Live call, robo call, and online survey methodologies including the best and most specific panels a firm can offer for a one-time poll or tracking over a period of time. From traditional telephone survey services to online survey options, we’ll find the most effective survey data collection methods for your specific needs.
  • Market research services to find your niche in a competitive world. John Zogby StrategiesSM is also a dedicated market segmentation research company for analyzing how different demographics respond to your services.
  • Survey instrument design & services, analysis, and insights to help our clients understand what the data all means in the present and into the future
  • Traditional and interactive focus group research and marketing the messages to explain your brand/product/service. Through online focus group services and/or in-person focus group testing, we’ll connect you to the right people with the most relevant opinions.
  • Employee opinion survey services will measure satisfaction, productivity, and retention within your organization.
  • Dial testing as a time-tested sophisticated means of discovering in real time what moves your targeted base and the undecided.
  • In-depth influencer/Stakeholder interviews as another cost-effective means of probing the wisdom of the crowd to validate effective communications
  • Jury selection research to find the optimum jurors, change of venue, provide mock trials, and message testing.
  • Brand Tracking and brand survey services – Any product or message needs its testing and public approval.
  • Online and political polling services that use opinion and political surveys to yield useful insights for winning the hearts and minds of voters.
  • Customer survey services, including trendspotting research for gathering the right consumer opinion research data to understand buyer behavior and desires.
  • National opinion survey services to gauge general sentiment about topics relevant to your success. John Zogby StrategiesSM has built a reputation as an effective public opinion polling company, yielding perceptive sets of data that you can apply in tangible, measurable ways.

Market Research

Whether consulting on a product or service, our command of culture and demographics, combined with our market research services and expertise in finding the meaning of the data, can help you locate your position in the market. As a veteran market research company, we’re specialists in both data and people, and know how to bridge the two together to help you gain a real edge. John Zogby Strategies can also bring you insightful consumer opinion research data on specific customer groups through our customer survey services or more diverse data through our online focus groups and in-person focus group testing capabilities.  

Communication Strategies

John Zogby StrategiesSM focuses on creating lean, effective communication strategies with concise measures of success.  Beyond that, we’ll work with your organization to ensure that these strategies deliver the expected results. Our services are not limited to brand survey services and opinion and political surveys, but we are also an employee opinion survey company, adept at providing survey design and services that yield actionable data for improving communication strategies within a company as well.

Tribal Analytics®

The way to separate Tribal Analytics® from big data is to emphasize its “aspirational” aspect. Big data tells businesses how consumers have behaved in the past and tries to predict their behavior based on these patterns over time and across sectors. Tribal Analytics® presents a targeted method for marketing to potentially untapped consumers by marketing to various groups who identify themselves with particular goals, preferences, and values. John Zogby StrategiesSM is an experienced market segmentation research company that can formulate an effective marketing plan after gathering demographic data through online focus groups and traditional focus group research and marketing or through our patented Tribal Analytics® survey data collection methods.