Employee Financial Health and Sentiments Amid the Pandemic
(Venn Strategies)

John Zogby Strategies was commissioned by Venn Strategies to conduct two surveys using a sample of ESCA full-time employees and a sample of non-ESCA full-time employees. The former sample was made up of 200 adult employees below the executive level while the latter was made up of 400 adult, full-time employees across the nation, also below the executive level.

Millennials, Gen Z and The New Enlightenment
(The Center for Global Enterprise)

Contrary to conventional reporting, we found that you have permission from Millennials and Gen Z to make dynamic adjustments to your business model and operations.

Yes, there are nuances in how they want to be involved. But your employees want to move to the future, even at the cost of being disrupted in their jobs and those of others in the company. And your transformation can be far-reaching.

Stand Up and Be Counted: A Study of Arab Americans and the 2020 Census
(Arab American Institute Foundation)

The Arab-American community has long lacked visibility on Census surveys making this vulnerable population hard to count. Recent efforts to fix this decennial undercount have been stalled and the problem has only been exacerbated by recent anti-Arab rhetoric and policies from the Trump administration. The undercount of the Arab- American community can actually worsen in 2020. Compounding all of this has been preexisting concerns about the misuse of Census data about Arab-Americans at a time of heightened distrust of the government.

This multi-stage research project was implemented by John Zogby Strategies partnering with communications and policy staff from AAI and ADC.


  1. Assess attitudes of and discover potential motivations for the target audience to participate in the 2020 Census.
  2. Identify at least 3 behavioral opportunities among the target audience to overcome barriers to participation in the 2020 Census.
  3. Expose the target audience to conceptual messaging to discover what will motivate the population to participate in the 2020 Census.

NYS Poll of Likely Voters: Attitudes Towards Open Primary Reform

  • Online poll of 1,505 likely voters in the state of NY, commissioned by Unite NY, and conducted September 28, 2021.
  • The poll has an overall margin-of-sampling error of +/-2.6 percentage points. Error margins are higher for subgroups.
  • Slight weights were applied to region, party, gender, age, race, and education.
  • Online surveys were password coded so that IP addresses from each device could only participate one.