– John Zogby, senior partner at John Zogby Strategies a seasoned and successful forecaster.

And now it is time to move beyond demographics. We in the research and analytics industries have known for years that demographic cohorts do not allow us to drill down deep enough to really understand what motivates people. The Zogbys have pioneered a new technique called Tribal Analytics® that allows us to capture the very soul of individuals and cohorts by allowing them to identify their own tribes and attributes. Using the same skills that have served us so well forecasting elections and consumer trends, John Zogby has joined together with his sons – themselves the Next Wave – in producing a creative and useful approach to finding who people really are and who are the next leaders, team players, problem-solvers, individuals to avoid, entrepreneurs, creatives, loyal employees and followers, people to hire, recruit, provide influence over others, and so much more.
A 2016 study by a major cultural marketing firm found that Zogby’s application of Tribal Analytics® was more effective in determining core values and marketing messages than race and ethnicity – thus drawing the conclusion that Tribal Analytics® is not only more accurate but potentially more cost-effective than more traditional demographic factors.

Why Tribal Analytics®

The way to separate Tribal Analytics® from big data is to emphasize its “aspirational” aspect. Big data tells businesses how consumers have behaved in the past and tries to predict their behavior based on these patterns over time and across sectors. Tribal Analytics® presents a targeted method for marketing to potentially untapped consumers by marketing to various groups who identify themselves with particular goals, preferences, and values.  These goals, preferences, and values, may not always show up in consumers’ bank account statements; thus Tribal Analytics® provides advertisers with new segments of the population based on self-identification and not simply past consumer behavior. Essentially, companies can become positive contributors to consumers’ goals and dreams; and not simply companies that provide their customers with goods and services.  Tribal Analytics® offers real “values”-added on multiple fronts.

  • HR departments and managers will also find it highly useful and valuable for its ability to home in on the right tribe member for the right position. Hiring decision-makers need additional signals beyond college transcripts, test scores and embellished resumes: they need tools to discover personalities, which we’ve identified in Tribal Analytics®.
    We are successful forecasters. You cannot forecast without data but you also cannot look ahead without assessing people’s personal aspirations, their goals, their values, and their sense of where they want to be and where they could be.

Market Research gurus have praised the approach…

“John Zogby has done it again. His new book sheds new light on the way we understand the American public. For anyone who wants to engage or persuade in America, Zogby’s book is invaluable. It’s an essential roadmap, with plenty of practical directions to get you there.”

-Patricia Martin

president, LitLamp Communications; author, Ren Gen: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer and What That Means to Your Business

“John Zogby’s examination of America’s tribal structure helps explain why our country seems so polarized and so many hold opinions that are so distant from our own. As you read about each tribe you get a sense of both who they are and what values and circumstances are driving both their opinions and behaviors. No group is positioned right or wrong, better or worse.  This exploration of the modern American tribes should be must reading and discussion material for businesses as well as politicians.”

-Michael Sansolo

President, Sansolo Solutions, Retail Food Consultant:

“Through a mix of hard data and compelling stories, Zogby explains the best way to create better business and politics going forward: understand, communicate, and serve people as they want to be understood, communicated with, and served. Sounds simple but hard to pull off because our old mental models of how to market or how to campaign get in the way. This essential, practical book will enable businesspeople and politicians to shed those old models, modernize their thinking about people, and create better futures for all involved.”

-Stephen D. Rappaport

Stephen D. Rappaport Consulting, senior fellow at SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management, The Wharton School:

So too have major political strategists…

“In (this new book) John Zogby identifies the 11 modern tribes that make up today’s America. Zogby explains that the uniqueness of Tribal Analytics™ is that ‘segments’ of the population are to a great degree based on self-identified tribal affinities – shared values, the philosophies and outlooks that transcend demographics and other category-specific attitudes and behaviors that have been the basis of a traditional market segmentation study. I believe that John’s book will be the Megatrends tome of the early 21st century.”

-Tom Edmonds

founder Edmonds & Associates, former president of the International Association of Political Consultants and the American Association of Political Consultants

“At a time when standard political analytics often oversimplify the world, and miss the real and complex political dynamics at play, John Zogby’s keen, proven ear for the rich human elements in politics stands out. Tribal Analytics® develops an analytic approach that captures texture and the human context.”

-Mark Steitz

founder/senior principal, TSD Associates: