Today, SurveyMonkey has become one of the go-to survey apps for students, professionals, and curious everyday people hoping to learn how people think and act. However, it is not the only option or even the best option for certain organizations. Before you commit to SurveyMonkey, you may want to look into certain SurveyMonkey competitors or even other types of survey software.

SurveyMonkey’s popularity is largely the result of its high quality for an affordable mass-appeal service. If you run a small business or you wish to use the service for education and casual, everyday functions, SurveyMonkey is likely enough for your needs. Other small businesses choose alternative survey apps with business-friendly UIs, such as SoGoSurvey’s focus on customer and employee feedback or SurveyGizmo’s simple but effective professional surveys. However, if your large company’s business strategy depends on market research and detailed data collection, you may want to choose an app such as Qualtrics. Qualtrics is a pricier option that does not publish its exact rates on its website, but it has been used by some of the world’s biggest companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Yamaha. 

If your business could benefit from detailed, high-quality data collection that won’t require your constant involvement, you may benefit from hiring an experienced survey company such as industry veterans John Zogby Strategies. Instead of the DIY approach of survey apps, survey companies will handle survey instrument design, data collection, and data analysis. Survey companies may even yield deeper insights through their unique data collection models. For example, John Zogby Strategies employs what they call Tribal Analytics to predict consumer behavior based on their values, goals, preferences, and social groups. This option is probably the most suitable for larger enterprises and professionals who want to get the most bang for their buck.

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