It’s cold here in upstate NY, but that’s nothing like the -40 cold that is being predicted for the Iowa caucuses next week. So let’s talk about the weather – and the current state of the races in Iowa and New Hampshire. Remember that the Iowa caucuses are not a standard vote – participants are in public, and actively seeing who their friends and neighbors are supporting. Current polls show Trump with a giant lead, but Nikki Haley is seeing some momentum.

So, what are some of the scenarios that can play out, and what are the likelihood of each?

We also have some new polling data on Biden Vs. Trump, and it’s an incredibly tight race. On a national average, Biden now has a slight edge but it’s tenuous at best. These polling numbers fluctuate but we’ll get into the cross party vote and how that can affect the state of the race.

Thanks so much for tuning in and we’ll be recapping the caucus next week.

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