Today on the podcast, let’s start with the situation in Ukraine. We’ll step back and try to look at it from a position not of who is good/evil but how all the actors are acting within their own self-interest. 

So who benefits from a conflict between the west and Russia, and what is this really all about? Geo-political influence? Resources? Or something else entirely?

Finally – in the latest jobs report that has just been released, the country saw 467,000 new jobs created – triple what economists were projecting. Wages are up 1% – this looks like good news all around, but will that or can that effect Biden’s negative job approval? Or is the country continuing to live in separate universes and entrenched narratives where none of it matters? We continue to see people drifting apart. Is there anything the administration can do to bring people together or is it an impossible task? 

Thanks as always for listening – we’ll see you next week.

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