Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene sent out a provocative tweet declaring there is no longer national unity and advocating for a national divorce. The suggestion is that the red states and blue states separate from each other and take on their own models, whether a state favors a more federalist approach or a state’s rights approach.

In our own poling almost 40% expressed some favorability towards nullification or succession. Should this be given more serious attention? Have we reached a point of no return in our national interests and community?

Additionally – Biden’s approval rating is also floating around 47% on average, and yet there is a Rasmussen poll that has Nikki Haley leading Biden in a matchup 45% to 41%.  What gives? How does Biden’s approval rating affect the news cycle and the tenor of national conversation? How does it change as poll numbers change? What does the polling say about the country’s enthusiasm for another Presidential run?

Thanks for tuning in everyone, we’ll see you next week.

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