Today on the podcast we’ll be focusing on some of the latest polling in important races around the country as well as some finding  from some of our own new polls we have conducted for 

First to Pennsylvania where David McCormick is pulling ahead of Dr. Oz. , but who also has spent an astounding $14 million so far compared to Oz’s $5 million. We’ll talk about the state of this particular primary race. 

Next we’ll look at Missouri. Eric Greitens doesn’t have the backing of the party but he’s polling at 31% support pulling way from his next closest challenger. That can make the state pivotal and possibly create problems for Republicans. 

Next – to our own polls. Our client Unite NY is an organization aimed at electoral and political reforms. They commissioned a poll on how New Yorkers feel about the electoral system, term limits, and. We’ll talk about what stands out. 

Finally -we have a new national poll among parents of children under 12. One of the major highlights was a question of whether the state government has too much or too little control over what’s being taught in schools. A plurality (48%) thought they have too much control, 23% said the state has too little and 17% said just enough.

We also asked about mask mandates – Who has the final say? 60% said it’s up to the parents. A key takeaway? Parents can be mobilized – locally, at the state level and nationally -this is a group to watch.

Have a great week everyone! 

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