This week – the cover of Time Magazine has Biden on a bicycle with the word Stuck on it. So today let’s talk about the state of the race.  In many of the latest polls, Biden is within a percentage point of Trump – so it’s within the margin of error, with Biden building a lead with Independent voters, and a huge fundraising lead.

We also know that a considerable amount of funds raised by Trump and affiliated PACs have been going to pay legal fees. So is this momentum for Biden due to the intense hatred of Trump by many voters, rather than a desire for a 2nd Biden term? In the midst of huge fundraisers by both candidates, Biden faces a number of major challenges including the Maryland bridge collapse and a deteriorating situation in Gaza.

Finally, in Alabama there was a huge upset in the special election 62% to 38% with a campaign based on state court’s stand on IVF and abortion access. This still is a very powerful issue for Democrats. Does this tell us anything about

So where to we stand? Let’s talk about it.

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