Today on the podcast we have some very special data for you that we’ve been tracking.

The first is what we see as a paradigm for the debate of the future – libertarian vs. communitarian. The second set of data involves the status of the American Dream – and what we even mean by the American Dream.

Remember we are also expecting an announcement from President Biden on his formal reelection bid and if that happens we’ll be sure to talk about that in another special edition.

First let’s talk about this new paradigm – libertarian vs. communitarian. It’s an issue that we think about a lot. It’s the emphasis on personal freedoms and free markets vs. communitarianism – the idea that I as an individual get to thrive as part of a community. We have new data around these sentiments from around 1000 likely voters. We’ll get into the details and learnings.

Next, we’ll look at the data around the American Dream and how what defines the American dream has changed. It’s a question of seeking inner peace vs traditional material and social notions of success.

Thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you on the next edition.

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