Today on the show we’ll discuss a question that was sent to us by one of our listeners and that is – Are we already in World War III?

But first, we’ll talk about the latest news from the Ohio Republican Primary. While the race officially has 7 candidates we’ll focus primarily on the latest with J.D. Vance as the MAGA candidate and the Matt Dolan who is staking out a position as a more moderate position. Which direction with the primary swing in this tight race?

We’ll provide a brief update on the Georgia gubernatorial race where Herschel Walker leads Raphael Warnock and the race between David Purdue and Gov. Kemp, who leads in the polling against Stacey Abrams by approximately 5 points.

But to the big question – Are we in WWIII? 

We’ll discuss how economics can lead to hot wars, how Finland and Sweden’s push for NATO membership may make the situation with Russia even more fraught, and what we can learn from historic parallels. Finally, how might this conflict play out?

Thanks for the thoughtful question and if you have any topics or questions you’d like us to discuss on the show, please write us or leave a comment – and we’ll see you next week.

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  1. The difference from the Sudetenland situation is that blood has been spilled and a lot of it.
    This makes a negotiated settlement much harder for both sides and of course we don’t
    need another Sudetenland settelment that quickly evolved into the largest war in history.
    Good, but sobering, discussion.

  2. Please let your son speak. You said, a number of times,” I’ve got a lot to say.” Your son always has very in lighting thoughts. Please give in more time..

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