On the one hand, when Trump became President, he never received a ‘honeymoon’ period. But on the other hand, he was unique in cultivating his own troubles. Was Congress right to spend so much of its time investigating that administration?

A larger question is perhaps, how many Americans feel that there are guilty parties across party lines, at the tops of both major parties. Have we become so divided that each side is willing to overlook culpability of their own party while placing the majority of the blame on the opposition?

In some of our own recent polling, we found that 70% agreed that BOTH parties are guilty of scapegoating the opposition. We’ll give some new data and a breakdown of this sentiment. Should this give us reason to hope?

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  1. Thanks for this thoughtful discussion of political witch-hunting in the 21st century. Both parties have engaged in the hunting of witches, and some worthy suspects who claim “witch-hunt” are merely self-serving themselves, because they have so little evidence – if any – of their innocence.

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