We generated a lot of interest with last week’s podcast where we talked a bout Vice President Kamala Harris’ popularity. Can she continue on the ticket?

So let’s ask the question – is it possible that Harris goes back to a Senate run in California? Adam Schiff currently leads the race for the seat being vacated by Diane Feinstein, but he is not the clear leader. If Feinstein resigns her seat, could Biden name Harris to fill the seat? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this scenario?

Also – we’ll talk about two additional potential issues (both political and personal) with some of Joe Biden’s recent decision making. How do these impact a potential re-thinking of a re-election bid?

Thanks again for tuning in. We hope you have a great week.

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  1. Thanks for this deeply insightful discussion of serious obstacles surfacing to destabilize the presidency of Joe Biden and the vice presidency of Kamala Harris. Both figures suffer from weakening poll numbers, and a major reshuffle of their options is timely. The introduction of American cluster bombs into the rancid war in the Ukraine appears to underline the failure of Kyiv’s forces to deal with the situation without resort to these horrible anti-personnel weapons that have been outlawed for many years and categorized as war crimes. The parallel that I would propose is Vietnam, a war LBJ led that was orchestrated by the Pentagon to the point that they were lying to the president for a long time prior to the Tet Offensive, when the rose-colored glasses melted and the power and determination of the North Vietnamese military became clear. Your remarks that the war is not actually about democracy, but about empire loom larger and larger with every decision taken by Kyiv, Washington, Nato and its leading members now meeting in Vilnius. The outcome of the Nato Summit will reveal many dimensions of the future course of global geopolitics.

  2. I was born in 1937.
    War has been my constant companion.

    Jeremy Zogby has been a beacon for me in explaining the cause and effect of national
    and international policies that make War profitable for those that do not fight or die.

    Jeremy offer us a course in History and political machinations so we all understand what this
    is really about, maybe with a focus on the Minsk agreements.

    • sorry for the very late response.

      a great source on this subject is one of the most decorated generals in American history – General Smedley Butler. And his classic book “War is a Racket”

      Commander of US marines in WWI and WWII.

      thank you for your kind words!

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