Every few years the country gets fascinated by the prospect of a 3rd party. But that comes fraught with controversy and problems, particularly when they are not founded from the bottom-up grassroots movement.

Do we actually need a 3rd party, or a 3rd party-like candidate? The system is gamed against having a 3rd party anyway. Would a party like No Labels also run the risk of simply peeling off more Biden voters and handing the election to Donald Trump?

We’ll also shift gears to Ohio where there was a special election on whether voters think that it should take a 60% majority to amend the state constitution, rather than the current 50%. This was spearheaded by Republicans in an effort to make it more difficult to pass an abortion rights ballot initiative this fall. This effort was resoundingly defeated in large part because of the mobilization of pro-choice groups. What does this tell us about the voters’ intensity around abortion rights?

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