It’s a very special trans-continental episode of The Zogby Report. John is joining from the Adirondack Park, while Jeremy joins us from Albania. 

First let’s take a look at the tight races for the Senate across the country and how the Democrats are faring at this stage. We’re seeing that some of the winners of Republican primaries are not performing perhaps as well as expected (for example Dr. Oz in PA who is down by 14 points in the latest poll) and we’ll try to understand why. 

At the moment the growth of inflation is slowing, some popular legislation has passed and gas prices are falling. Are these the main factors that are giving Democrats a boost leading into the midterms? How do interest rates figure into our country’s economic prospects and elections in the short and long term?

What about Trump fatigue? 

Let’s also talk about the impact of the Mar A Lago Raid and how that may be impacting races across the country.

Finally – what stories is Jeremy following from Albania? What has he observed in the culture and media landscape that is similar or wildly different from the U.S.? 

Thanks as always for tuning in wherever you are in the world and we’ll see you next week.

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