Let’s start with Biden’s primetime address last night where he went directly after Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. 

It’s clear that he sees a genuine threat to democracy. But did this help his standing with Democrats and even more important – Independents and some Republicans? Or was it just political theater?

What happens next as we inch closer to the midterms? What about populism’s role in both parties?

Next, we’ll talk about today’s jobs report which showed 317,000 new jobs. It’s impressive but shows growth slowing. Is this a good sign for Biden and the Democrats? 

Finally – what are the chances of an October surprise or contested midterm races?

Next week we’ll feature some of the results of our new polling of moderates and independents, and the supply chain. 

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  1. Thank you for such a thought-provoking discussion from complementary perspectives, while the national discourse takes place over a rapidly sliding schism. Biden defined the schism in philosophical terms as the meaning of democracy, and he had every right to do so given the reality of the Big Lie thunderation from Trump. Biden released this speech just as we are learning that Trump has mishandled and may well have ‘misplaced’ as many as 90 classified military and intelligence dossiers that were in his possession when he left the White House. And, Trump now vows to pardon and apologize to convicted insurrectionists if he is elected president. From the center of the cyclone, it does appear as though the American nation is tearing itself apart. Keep us informed of your interpretations of forthcoming data at this explosive time in our nation’s history.

  2. How do we forget that fascism is all about the power of the government not more freedom to people ! Does the current tactics of the Party in power remind us of European history of how a small group of Communist took over Russia and how the Nazi’s took over German with similar tactics that are being used today to empower the government and falsely blame any opposition & use the government to go after there Political enemies and blame the Party that wants less government and more freedom by accusing them of what they are doing by creating More government & empowering unelected officials by expanding the government bureaucracy which means less personal freedoms for all Americans ! The current Regime has and is using tactics of Fascism & is taking away our freedoms with falsely blaming any opposition that wants less government !By the way how do we forget that the President has the power to classify and declassify any document ! This is the power of the president ! Who is a threat to our Democracy which is the threat to our freedom is not Trump & Not the real Republicans which believe in Less government is best the government !It is the Regime that is promoting big government & power to the government which takes away from our personal freedoms & will enslave America ! Why do we need almost 50 percent of the GDP government spending? doesn’t this mean less freedom and more government control & the current Regime is increasing government control and expanding government more !

    • Thank you, Joe. I have also often used the historical analogy comparing today with the 20’s and 30’s. A lot of striking resemblances. Let’s hope an irate minority drawing from both sides can halt the march towards chaos and decay.

  3. That speech is a dark stain on the country. This president is supposed to unite the country and not divide it. The National Archives followed process and notified the DSO that they had received classified materials in documents that Trump was turning over. This fact got picked up on by the henchmen of the Dem Political Theater. Why didn’t Hillary get an FBI raid when she was discovered to have classified material in her home? The fact that left wing radicals have occupied Wall Street, burned private businesses to the ground, achieved a de-funding of the LEO and rioted in major US cities for months is over looked and not considered a threat to democracy is appalling. MLK has been documented as a womanizer which is still a prevalent issue in society today yet his statues are not ripped down as numerous historical figures have. There is not a level playing field in the Political Theater. With the age of social media feeding tribalism we don’t need the POTUS fanning any flames.

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