We’ll start today with an update on the current state of the midterm races. Some polls are predicting that the Democrats can retain the Senate and at this point the race for control of the House is tightening. 

Let’s look at some key races all across the country. How are the winners of Republican primaries positioning themselves for the general election? As we’ve seen with at least one candidate – is continuing to question the outcome of the 2020 election a losing issue at this point? 

We also have a few data points to share from a new Zogby Strategies poll that focuses on independent voters. By far, inflation is the most important issue but on a broad range of issues we asked about, we can see the independent voters are at this point a toss-up. What is clear is that both parties will have their blunders and their periods of momentum between now and the midterms and Independent voters are key.

Finally – we’ll provide a sneak peak at another poll from 150 manufacturing executives. When asked about their expectations of a downturn 70% say it’s likely.  What does that tell us for the state of the midterms and the economy as we move forward.

Ad we mentioned in our closing, leave us a comment or send us an email. Regarding today’s discussion, who is with John and who is with Jeremy? 

See you next week.

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