Today on the podcast we’re excited to welcome a very special guest, Jim Lichtman – author of the new book “Trust and Confidence: Inside the battle between the secret service and Ken Starr.”

Jim has been writing and speaking on ethics to corporations, associations and organizations since 1995. Feature stories and appearances include USA TODAY, the Washington Post, the Weekend Today Show in New York, NPR and more. “Trust and Confidence” is on sale now wherever you get your books, and we highly recommend picking up your copy.

Before we get to our guest, we have some new polling data that focuses on the media,  AI and trust in our institutions. We’ll dissect the cross-tabs, share what we’re seeing in the data, and how it breaks down by party. While there are areas of great disagreement, you’ll also see that the parties agree on more than you might think.

Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you next week.

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