Today, let’s talk about turnout models. During a presidential election it’s fair to say the turnout models can be more favorable to democrats. More women, young people, African Americans and Latinos come out to vote.

In off-year elections you’re looking at an older, more male more conservative turnout.

This year, Democrats are concerned that support among Latinos and African American that support them may be waning, and on the Republican side, there is concern that the enthusiasm level is so low among rural voters that many will stay home. We’ll dig into the details and what it all means as we race toward the midterms.

Next – we’ll talk about the state of the hot races across the country including Pennsylvania.

Finally – let’s talk about some of our new polling data as it relates to Independent voters. How do some of the large issues such as inflation, the economy and abortion affect their vote? We’ll have a full report on our website soon so stay tuned.

Thanks again for tuning in and for sharing the podcast. We’ll see you next week.

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