We’ve just seen a late challenge to Joe Biden from Minnesota Democrat Dean Phillips. In his long-shot bid, he has stressed that 2024 should not be about the past, but about the future – passing the torch to a younger generation of leaders. Today let’s focus on some numbers and how the economic indicators may not be the same for young voters.

Here are two sets of numbers that seem to be at odds. On one hand, we have 13.2 million jobs and growing since Biden took over as President . Inflation has slowed from over 9% to around 3%. Combine that with a recent report showing 4.9% GDP growth in the last quarter. This should be good news for President Biden.

However, Biden is still mired at an approval rating in the low 40s, and against Trump (who is currently facing over 90 criminal charges) – is tied in national polls. What is going on?

We’ll share our thoughts particularly as it relates to younger voters, and we’d also love to hear your analysis. Leave us a comment or drop us an email with what you think explains the gap in this data.

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