Among all the analysis and predictions of a red wave from so many pundits and pollsters, when we looked at our numbers we were not surprised by the outcome of this week’s election.  And while all the races are not yet called, once again It’s looking like control of the Senate will depend on the runoff election in Georgia.

Across the country, the Democrats also picked up seats in state legislatures and in governors races. Here in New York, Republicans actually did see several gains, which was an outlier based on the outcomes in other parts of the country.

Today let’s look at the lessons that should be learned from the outcome of the midterms, and whether or not both parties will learn them. Do the midterms show that in some ways both parties are failing because neither is able to truly build any consensus?

We’ll also discuss some of the underlying constituencies, issues and races that shaped the outcome of the midterms, and what happens next. Have a great week everyone!

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