Today on the podcast we have a very special guest – legendary strategist Joe Trippi.

Joe Trippi has worked for Democrats at every level over 4 decades – from Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale and managing Howard Dean’s groundbreaking presidential campaign in 2004. Trippi has been a media and campaign strategist for dozens of Senate and Gubernatorial campaigns including Jerry Brown’s 2010 comeback campaign for Governor of California and Doug Jones’ historic Senate victory in Alabama, where Jones became the first Democratic US Senator in Alabama in 25 years. Trippi has served as an on-air political analyst for MSNBC/NBC, CBS Evening News, FOX News and CNN.

We get Joe’s take on a variety of topics around the impact of the 2022 midterm elections. In particular, we discuss the setting of expectations, calculations (and miscalculations) and some of the top issues as it related to independent voters.

On the issues themselves, we’ll discuss the driving motivating forces that Joe saw during the campaign and whether or not Biden himself was a major motivator, particularly among independent voters.

Finally, we’ll discuss the impact of Gen-Z voters on the race and whether or not the GOP has lost that block of voters for years to come.

We’re so grateful for Joe’s time and you can get more of his insights from him on his Podcast, “That Trippi Show”, Twitter and Resolute Square.




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