It’s exactly 2 and ½ years since we launched John Zogby Strategies.

The impact is being felt nationwide.  In addition to doubling our revenues each year with substantial profitability – we’ve been successfully engaged in the following:

A globally prominent philanthropist/activist – Another in a series of surveys that involved probing the public’s view of prominent philanthropic foundations and the individuals who head them. We’ve discovered that it is especially important for billionaire philanthropists to cultivate a brand and public persona based on non-partisanship.  Our analysis concluded especially amidst the strong anti-establishment environment here in the U.S., a lesser overt political affiliation generally results in more favorable ratings from the public.

The United States Census – Through conducting several rounds of field research across the nation, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methods, our 3-month job was to examine and test the most effective messages that would motivate Arab refugees and Arab Americans – who have historically high levels of distrust towards the US government – to participate in the Census.  It was a revelation that even among the most distraught newcomers, there was a strong desire to belong to the larger American community as well as a longing for the Census to appeal to their culture and directly communicate the community benefits upon completing the 2020 Census survey.

Strategic planning for one of this country’s most prominent independent political organizations – The Zogby brand was built on independence and a refusal to conduct one-dimensional partisan polling.  It is only natural therefore that JZS principals were called upon to create a 2020 blue-print for a firebrand organization that is likely to stir up the political scene over the next several election cycles.  Our consulting dealt with forcefully with the organizational structure, vision, personnel, public opinion, and communications.

A nationally covered murder trial –The world of jury-selection research is familiar turf for the Zogby brand going back three decades.  Utilizing message testing via survey research, JZS worked closely with the Prosecution team to guide them in the selection of the ideal jury through our demographic analysis, as well as arm them with the optimum messages.  They of course won the case and the defendant was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

The premier trade organization for employee-owned businesses – When looking at retired Baby Boomers and their financial security, how do those who have worked for an employee-owned company fare against those who have not?  The contrast is pretty stark.  Let’s just say those who retired from an employee-owned company sleep far better at night than those who haven’t.

A leading university – A truly one of a kind survey research project where top scholars in the field of religious studies began with a question – how familiar are American Gen Z and Millennials with the scriptures of the monotheistic traditions and how closely do they hold them in their hearts?  After determining among themselves the most popular passages from the three books, JZS then fielded the survey and discovered 18 – 40 year olds overall display more moderate views (as opposed to higher intensity) on even the most easily identified scriptural passages.

Several big-city mayoral and hotly contested Congressional races coast to coast – Be assured we are still in the political realm helping candidates discover how to maximize their limited time with the most effective messages and prime targets. Our on-the-mark analysis has helped them to discover the overlooked opportunities as well as how to improve their weaknesses within the public eye.

Large public health institution – Improving customer relations and engagement utilizing in-depth interviews, aligning the institution’s brand with the customer’s aspirations.

In short, we’ve successfully completed 38 projects in 2 and ½ years.

While we’ve continued to offer the best in survey research, these projects also involved focus groups, dial testing, face to face interviews, all utilizing the best technology out there. 

Let us know how we can help you.

Happy New Year,

John, Benjamin, and Jeremy Zogby

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