Merging With The Internet

By John Zogby Strategies


The debate on whether or not advanced technologies such as AI and Robotics will have consequences for humanity has been increasingly popular in recent news. Prolific minds like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have gone so far to say that Artificial Intelligence poses perhaps the greatest threat to humanity while Mark Zuckerberg has taken the opposite position and welcomes the advancement with open arms.

Beginning in 2008 pollster John Zogby began asking the public “When and if technology allows, how likely would you be to have a computer chip implanted in your brain so that you can directly interface with the internet” (with choices very likely, somewhat likely, somewhat unlikely, not likely at all, and not sure)?

For nearly a decade now, we’ve looked beyond the debate of AI’s opportunities vs. threats and instead have focused on the much discussed popular Sci-Fi theme of humans merging with the internet via a microchip.

In our most recent poll, John Zogby Strategies found that an overwhelming 70% of the public say they are “not likely at all” to have a microchip implanted in their brain in order to allow direct connection to the web.

Not surprisingly, the sharpest divide is found among age cohorts. Those aged 50-64 and 65+ are by far most likely to reject the chip (81% and 80% opting for “not likely at all”). The 30-49 cohort came in next (61%), whereas Millennials (aged 18-29), are the most split cohort with 45% telling us “not likely at all” vs. 11% choosing “very likely” and 17% going with “somewhat likely”.

Women are more likely than men to entirely reject the notion with 76% to 63% stating “not likely at all”. On the flip side, 20% of men are likely (as a result of combining “very likely” and “somewhat likely”) while only 7% of women feel the same.

The following groups rate the highest (when combining “very likely” and “somewhat likely”) regarding their acceptance of a brainchip that enables direct interfacing with the web;


  • those who have lost a job recently (41%);

  • those who have recently gone 24 hours without food (40%);

  • NRA members (30%);

  • Millennials (28%);

  • those aged 30-49 (25%);

  • NASCAR fans (25%);

  • those residing in large cities (24%);

  • those who fear losing a job (24%);

  • income earners with $75K+ (21%);

  • Democrats (20%) and;

  • Catholics (20%)

To date, overall this is mostly an unpopular issue.  However, two key questions remain; While Millennials and the oldest members of Gen Z are currently split, how will they feel about merging with the internet as they age? Will they age with suspicion or trust?

We’ll be tracking this along with many other topics that will continue to shape our future.

How about you?  Let us know what you think.





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Trump Report Card: Diplomacy, Hurricane Aid Give A Boost

From The Washington Examiner, by John Zogby


A very strange week for the president. Investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election are closing in on Mr. Trump’s inner circle — including admission of having wiretapped his former campaign chairman.

Mr. Trump’s first speech before the United Nations was unlike anything anyone has ever seen (or even imagined). He actually threatened to annihilate another country and enraged some of America’s’ most important allies.

He supported yet another repeal of Obamacare that has failed again.

But he is still basking in the glow of his action during the recent hurricanes and his polling average is up a few points.


Trump’s Grade: C

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