Pollster and author John Zogby announced today the publication of his fourth book, We Are Many, We Are One: Neo-Tribes and Tribal Analytics in 21st Century America. The book is self-published, as was his 2013 book First Globals: Understanding, Managing, and Unleashing the Potential of Our Millennial Generation.

“In addition to generating a lot interest among general readers, I am principally targeting readers in the fields of marketing and communications, human resources, government and politics, and a wide variety of professions – employers and employees who have a vested interest in better understanding their colleagues, employees, customers, and neighbors,” Zogby said.

The new book is the result of a process begun in 2009 where Zogby used extensive survey research among 8,000 Americans to allow them to actually define themselves. According to Zogby, “Instead of my sons and colleagues coming into this process with any predispositions or hypotheses, we let people tell us in their own words what is most important to them, what motto guides them, and the most defining moments in their lives.”

“We also asked them to name their own tribe and what bases they use to choose their friends and social networks – and that is where this really took shape,” Zogby said.

In We Are Many, We Are One, Zogby introduces readers to 11 “neo-tribes”, among them: The Happy Hedonists, The Persistents, The God Squad, The Self-Perfectionists, The Land of the Free, and the Outsiders.

The book is available on Amazon (in hard copy and Kindle) the website of the company Zogby owns with his sons, Benjamin and Jeremy, www.johnzogbystrategies.com.

We Are Many, We Are One has already received critical praise:

Tom Edmonds, former President of both the American Association of Political Consultants and the International Association of Political Consultants: “I believe that John’s book will be the “Megatrends” tome of the 21st Century.”

Patricia Martin, author of RenGen: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer and What That Means to Your Business: “John Zogby has done it again. We Are Many, We Are One sheds new light on the way we understand the American people… It’s an essential road map, with plenty of practical directions to get you there.”

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