Welcome back. This week we have a lot of stories to talk about and a lot of data to dig through. John is in D.C. after speaking with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, while Jeremy is in Upstate New York. Below, find a breakdown of all the stories we cover on this week’s show.

02:20 – US Conference of Mayors
In today’s episode we talk about our work with the Conference of Mayors – and our poll of 1000 18-29-year-old likely voters. Zogby presented at the conference and shared the top concerns of this age group with 600 Mayors in attendance.

06:38 – The Latest Forbes Under 30 Poll | Powered by John Zogby Strategies
In our latest Forbes poll we found Bernie Sanders continues to have the most enthusiasm among 18-29-year-olds. We’ll take you through the candidates and how they fared – and why Pete Buttigieg did not perform well with this group.

14:00 – Trump Matchups with Democratic Candidates
We matched the top Democratic Candidates against Trump and we’ll tell you how each of them fared.

16:53 – Impeachment
Do they think Trump is guilty? Do they believe he should be removed? Do they trust Congress to have a fair impeachment trial? The results may surprise you.

19:00 – Davos
Many of the headlines of the gathering were surrounding Trump and Greta Thunberg. What might actually come out of this gathering? What we found is that young people find global warming and climate change to be a major major crisis, and in the mid-to-long run this viewpoint will win. Right now we’re watching the battle of the age cohorts. One group’s top priority is growing the economy and bringing more of the world out of poverty vs. a new generation who feel extremely intense about the environment.

26:00 – Iowa Caucus
The Iowa caucus is not the secret ballot we normally see in primaries. They are very public and take place in very public places. There’s a strange dynamic and many more factors go into a person’s choice than you might think.

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