This week on the podcast we’re leading with the latest on the Democratic primary in Iowa, talking about potential outcomes of the caucus and more. We also share some of our findings from our surveys of 18-40 year olds on their perceptions of Artificial Intelligence. Finally, what are the global economic impacts of the coronavirus in China? Below, find a breakdown of this week’s show.

1:10 – The latest from Iowa
You never know what the outcome will be, so we look at the latest polls to get a sense of who will take Iowa. The caucuses are like running for town council – candidates have to knock on doors, shake hands and meet as many voters as possible. The most important attribute a candidate needs to do well in Iowa? Authenticity.

7:55 – John’s first meeting with Bernie Sanders in 1981
John shares a story about his first encounter with Bernie Sanders, which occurred after they both ran in mayoral races in 1981.

9:35 – Latest matchups
We dissect potential outcomes of the Iowa caucuses and presidential matchups against Trump.

18:25 – The Rise of AI
We talk about our research into the perceptions around the rise of artificial intelligence. We surveyed 18-40 year olds in the US, Canada and Mexico – and the results may surprise you. Read the complete report | Millennials, Gen Z and The New Enlightenment Survey 

28:36 – Coronavirus
By far the biggest story of the week is the coronavirus in China (and now other nations). We talk about how China is handling the crisis and the impacts that this outbreak is having on the worldwide economy. Can this event bring about a new discussion on sovereignty?

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  1. Thanks to John Zogby and Jeremy Zogby for their invaluable series of podcasts. Your reflections on the Democratic primaries strike a resonant chord with the ebb and flow of current events. Your analysis of the trends that foresees a clash of ideologies leading to the reformation of the Democratic Party seems logical, plausible, prudent and sound. Looking forward to next week’s post-Iowa and pre-New Hampshire podcast.

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