On this week’s Zogby Report we’re going all in on the recent Democratic debate in Nevada in what was one of the most interesting clashes between candidates we have seen thus far in the campaign.

00:45 – Michael Bloomberg’s performance and next steps – should he even have participated in the most recent debate?

09:00 – Who is the DNC rooting for (hint: it isn’t Sanders) and what are the prospects for a brokered convention?

11:40 – Is there a chance of Hillary Clinton nomination?

22:45 – Is there evidence to support the claim that Trump is making in-roads with minority voters?

18:34 – Trump’s approval ratings are still high within his base. Who can take him on effectively?

25:40 – Finally, we’ll give you the latest updates on the Coronavirus and look not only at the economic ripple effects, but how this pandemic may affect the Chinese Communist Party’s control of the country.

Thanks for tuning in – see you next week

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