On this week’s podcast we’ll examine the South Carolina primary and look forward to what could possibly happen on Super Tuesday. We’ll look at potential running mates for both Biden and Sanders and the latest Forbes Under 30 Voter Survey powered by John Zogby Strategies.

Finally, as the Coronavirus spreads across the globe and we hear the latest infection and fatality numbers out of China – should those numbers be trusted? We’ll dig into the data.

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Show Notes:

01:00 – Does Joe Biden have S. Carolina wrapped up?

04:50 – Bloomberg’s latest debate performance

06:46 – Is the party going to eat itself and is it ready to face Donal Trump?

09:20 – We talk about potential running mates of both Sanders and Biden

19:24 – Forbes Under 30 Voter Survey powered by John Zogby Strategies. We look at voter enthusiasm, and young peoples’ views on capitalism vs socialism.

22:00 – Coronavirus infection rates – Right now there are 60 million on full-scale quarantine in the Hubei province with under 3,000 deaths.  For some perspective, 61,200 died of the flu last year in the U.S. Are these measures proportional and is the data coming out of China accurate?

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