John and Jeremy break down the big stories of the week through the eyes of different generations and unpack what it means for you.

Today we’re back unpacking the news of the week starting with the Democratic Caucus in Iowa. We analyze the latest polling numbers and look at whether or not the most recent debate has shifted the prospects for any of the candidates. We also talk in detail about the latest feud between Warren and Sanders and how it impacts the Democratic party.

Iran: 10:30
We continue our conversation about Iran and what the state of public opinion is within the country, particularly as the situation affects the Iranian youth. Is the Ayatollah at a point where his regime is in real trouble?

Iraq: 13:23
Meanwhile in Iraq – the parliament voted in favor of the removal of the US Military.  We’ll look at how Beijing has had successful talks with Iraq about oil exports to China. Is this the end of the U.S. in the Middle East region? Will countries in the Middle East start looking to other world powers to advance their interests? What does history tell us about the lasting outcomes of U.S. interventions in the Middle East?

A Year of Unrest: 17:40
Finally we continue our conversation on the state of civil unrest around the globe. A recent study shows that 40% of the nations around the world will experience civil unrest this year. Young people in particular are demanding more from governments and are finding that the political and governing institutions are not in a position to react as quickly as they may have been able to do before. This increase in expectations and speed of change is something that’s directly enabled by technology. There’s an old saying – ‘may you live in interesting times’ – and its evident that we certainly do.

Next Friday, we’ll feature the results of two separate polls of 18-29 year olds for Forbes and the US Conference of Mayors that conducted by Zogby Strategies. What makes younger millennials and Gen-Z tick? We’ll have some great insights to share next week. Don’t miss out on episode 3, next Friday.

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