Meet Neo-Tribe ‘The God Squad’

From We Are Many, We Are One…

This Neo-Tribe consists of roughly one-quarter of America’s population. Advertisers, marketers, politicians, strategists, salespeople,and all other influencers…take note and

Take A Deep Dive Into Neo-Tribe ‘The God Squad’


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Trump Report Card

From The Washington Examiner

I have three sons and will always be there to defend them. I understand President Trump’s efforts to portray his namesake as a good kid. I also understand that Mr. Trump is a rule breaker and that is what got him so far in business and in politics. Many Americans love that.

But there can be no double standard: he is the president of the United States and there are laws, protocols, and rules of engagement. And some of those have to be obeyed. So, yes, Donald Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer to potentially receive opposition research on Hillary Clinton is potentially a violation of all of the above. It must be investigated. At the same time, the culture of investigation in D.C. has gone too far, is boring to many, and has become an excuse for legislators to simply not legislate.

There are no winners here — especially the American people who would like Congress to perform.

On one hand, Mr. Trump repaired a high profile relationship with an important ally, President Emmanuel Macron of France, though he managed to both compliment Mrs. Macron and remind American women that he is now a 71 year old dirty old man with his comments about her looks. Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

Meanwhile, for anyone who really cares about policy, the GOP Senate revisions of Obamacare are (and should be) dead on arrival and no one is talking about tax reform or infrastructure. But limited success in Syria, a victory over ISIS in Mosul, and a repaired relationship with France save Mr. Trump from failure.

Grade: D

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