Good morning and first let’s acknowledge that today’s podcast is our 100th episode! Thanks to you all who have been with us through this journey from the beginning and to all of you who might be listening for the first time.

Today on the podcast we’re having a conversation with Bill Flaig President/CEO of American Conservative Values ETF (ACVF) ( who leads investments not tied to social good but of an ETF that’s focused on investing not necessarily on stakeholder value but more squarely on shareholder value. 

Launched in October 2020, the fund is constructed to do as much advocacy around conservative while still maximizing shareholder value.

We’ll talk about balancing advocacy and economic incentives, starting a new kind of fund, and how they determine which kinds of companies are deemed to align with their values.


Thanks again for your comments and for listening over these past 100 episodes. We’ll see you next week!

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