President Biden’s approval rating is now in the low 40s or high 30s depending on the poll. This begs the question Washington loves to ask – “How bleak are the Democrats’ prospects for the November elections?”

If we take a look at Biden, with the exception of Trump, his polls are the lowest numbers since polls have been taken. Can he bounce back?

Inflation, among other challenges is dragging him down but this is the biggest challenge Biden faces at the moment and many Americans now view inflation, not COVID19 as their most pressing concern.

Further, the two major pieces of legislation that the Democrats have been pushing hard (Build Back Better and legislation around voting rights) do not at the moment have a path to becoming law.

However, the Republicans still have to contend with the very real shadow of Trump and calculate if being against Biden without much in the way of policy is enough to win their races.

Right now the Democrats are still in charge and they have the burden of proof as to what they have done for the average voter lately.

We’ll also debate the laws in many states that are being passed which seem to make voting just a bit harder. Is this voter suppression?

Finally we’re launching our new website and will be releasing new data on emerging trends in our relationship with technology in relation to AI. Where does the public stand? You’ll find out next week!

Thanks again for listening, watching and sharing. Have a great week!

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