Today on the podcast we’ll start by talking about the issue of food insecurity in this country. Back when we first polled on this issue in the 80s the numbers were already alarming. But over time we polled these same types of questions sin the 90s as well as very recently- and we’ve discovered that food insecurity has gotten worse – with 20% of our respondents reporting they have experienced some type of food insecurity. So in this era of super-high inflation, what does food insecurity look like and how many of our neighbors are food insecure?

Next let’s talk about one of the hottest and most important Senate races in the country which is in Pennsylvania. What makes this race a bit more unique is that we have activity in both parties.  We’ll talk about the current state of the race and some of the stark differences between candidates in both parties. 

Have a great week everyone – as always, we welcome your comments and your emails.

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