Today on the podcast we’ll continue our look at the top Senate races in the country. The stakes as always are very high. Last week, we talked about the tight Senate Republican Primary – Dr. Oz is now the front-runner and leading by double digits.

But our main story today is Georgia. There are no primaries, and that means that its Raphael Warnock against NFL star Herschel Walker. Can he peel off enough votes from his name recognition to win- and to what degree can Warnock hold together the coalition that helped him win in 2021? It’s a coalition reminiscent of Obama’s performance. But Independents are the key to this race. Let’s look at the way both candidates are positioning themselves. 

Thanks for tuning in – be sure to drop us your comments and let us know what you think about the state of the races in Georgia. Where do you think Independents are learning? See you next week.

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