On today’s podcast we’ve lined up several of the top stories of the week. First we’ll unpack President Biden’s State of the Union address. Did he do anything to put the country at ease over the invasion of Ukraine and help his own job approval numbers?

Next, the crisis in Ukraine – does hope spring eternal for a solution or it the outlook more of a drawn out protracted conflict with no end in sight? 

We’ll also talk about the latest NY State gubernatorial race with Kathy Hochul who is polling reasonably well across a large cross section of the population. However, there are some large trouble spots. In our new poll we found an astounding 47% feel New York is on the wrong track and almost 40% of New Yorkers we polled have considered leaving or have made plans to leave the state. Additionally – the top reasons? High taxes and rising crime. 

On the Republican side, even though Lee Zeldin has received the support of the state’s party leadership, in our poll, Andrew Giuliani leads Zeldin 31% to 23%, and Astorino 21%. This is a three-way race. 

Have a great week everyone. 

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