On this special edition of The Zogby Report we’ll discuss the state of debate around assault weapons, a debate that has been raging in the country for decades now. Is a solution or even a national conversation possible anymore?

Additionally we’ll talk about the state of the Republican presidential race. It seems Trump continues to dominate not only the headlines but increasingly has the support of the core base. What’s happening with Ron  DeSantis and what can explain some of his falling poll numbers in match ups against Trump?

Thanks as always for tuning in and we’ll see you next week.

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  1. I listened to your podcast on the Assault Weapons debate. You had this special podcast in reference to the Nashville school killings. John mentions the Assault weapons ban of 1994 making a dent, but actually according to FBI statistics it didn’t. The Assault Weapons Ban had no effect and that was one of the reasons it wasn’t renewed. You can find those statistics at this link with Dr. John Lott, who also authored the book, More Guns Less Crime. https://crimeresearch.org/
    One thing I didn’t hear when discussing the school killings was that they all happen in GUN FREE ZONES and as in the Nashville school, they also didn’t have an armed resource officer. You’re blaming the gun, but society makes it as easy as shooting fish in a barrel when a school is a gun free zone without an armed resource officer on the premises to protect the children and faculty.
    To the point of banning assault weapons, how do you ban something when President Biden’s own Cabinet members couldn’t define an assault weapon in Congressional hearings this past week. Assault is an action and not a type of gun. If you’re referring to the AR-15, it is nothing more than a semi-auto rifle. You still have to press the trigger every time you want to fire a round.
    You’re also mistaken about the 2nd Amendment. You do have the right to own a tactical weapon, a cannon, surface to air missile, bazooka, tank, etc.. It doesn’t mean you’ll have the means, the access or availability to them and the ATF does have restrictions on them, but you certainly have the RIGHT.

  2. Yes, gun violence will not stop with an assult weapons ban just like murder or armed robbery will not stop because we have laws against them. We keep those laws to try our best to keep those crimes under control. Hunters, rural residents do not use AR-15’s for hunting. A citizen can not buy a machine gun for personal use. Let’s move the line a little to prohibit the purchase of other weapons of war. Details to be worked out in the legislative process.

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