Today on the podcast we’ll continue our discussion about the war in Ukraine but will take a decidedly deeper dive than we have before. More specifically, we’ll talk about Putin’s motivations behind the invasion and what simple (or complex) calculations from the past few decades may have influenced the decision to invade. 

While much of the west is united in opposition to the invasion, the wildcard is China. Their support or opposition to Russia will have a large impact on how the conflict plays out. One thing is certain – we rare at a historical turning point.

Finally – we’ll discuss a recent poll we conducted on the New York gubernatorial race (our poll was conducted before the resignation of the Lt. Governor). Our data is showing that it’s shaping up to be a closer race than many believe. 

Thanks for tuning in, happy Easter to those celebrating, and we’ll see you next week.

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  1. Enjoyed this podcast, especially Jeremy’s insightful story behind the story regarding Ukraine and Russia. I was not aware of the coup in Ukraine, the Minsk agreement that Ukraine broke, the bombardment of the Donbas area by Ukraine and Russia’s intervention, U.S. anti-Russian stance since 2018. Real Dialogue is necessary, but perhaps it’s now too late.

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