Today Jeremy is reporting from Charleston South Carolina and we’re talking about the state of the political landscape on the Republican side but we’ll spend the bulk of our episode on the results of a new survey that we’ve conducted around American manufacturing.

First, is DeSantis making a comeback? And are Republicans check-mated on the abortion issue? Suburban women who have been voting Republican in recent elections may be abandoning the party in large part due to this issue. So could a savvy Republican tone down the rhetoric on this heated issue?

Next, Xometry is a company that helps the manufacturing and supply chain world run more efficiently and they are looking to understand the pulse of American manufacturing.

So what are some of the latest findings? We’re partnered with Xometry and Forbes to find out.

We spoke to 150 Manufacturing Executives (Presidents, CEOs, COOs) nationally.

Key takeaways:

Manufacturers are optimistic but also are preparing for other potential supply chain shock by overstocking, and 82% are embracing re-shoring of some of their facilities to the U.S.

More than half of our sample say they are investing on AI technologies and many have already seen a return on investment.

When you ask about the likelihood of recession this year though, over half believe one is very or somewhat likely.

Many of the respondents (33%-40%) also were conducting business with Silicon Valley Bank which recently collapsed, but that they feel well positioned to survive and even thrive despite the recent economic headwinds. A majority of them believe the future looks bright.

You can read the  latest news release at Xometry’s website or at

Thanks for tuning into this special edition of The Zogby Report  – we’ll see you next time.

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