What a week it’s been in the realm of politics and we have a lot to talk about. First let’s talk about J.D. Vance’s victory in Ohio – After Trump’s endorsement his momentum continued and was enough to capture a primary win. So this was a good week for Trump, showing that his endorsement still matters. Not only that, but Peter Thiel poured $15M of his own money into Vance’s PAC. 

What does that mean for the general race this November?

We’ll also give an update on the PA Senate Race. In this knock down, drag-out primary, Dr. Oz is still ahead of the other candidates, but there’s so much money being spent on negative ads, it may be creating a lot of undecided voters. 

We’ll also talk about how the recent leaked SCOTUS draft opinion that could overturn Roe vs. Wade could be a force for turning out women and particularly young women to Democrats. Will it be enough? What about the growing Latino voting constituency?

Finally, Biden’s poll numbers are up a couple of points, bolstered by a good jobs report, and a boost from the Alito draft decision as it is galvanizing Democrats. What might that mean for 2024?

Have a great week everyone and thanks as always for tuning in.

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