Today we’re going to continue our analysis of two upcoming primaries – N. Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Let’s start w/ N. Carolina – since Trump’s endorsement, Bud has taken off and is leading by almost 30 points. The democratic race is all but settled as well and we’ll provide analysis as to what happens next.

In PA we have very interesting Senate and gubernatorial races.

We’ll start with the race for the Senate in what is effectively a 3-way race. Oz and McCormick have been beating each other up and spending enormous amounts of money in this race, while Kathy Barnette is still a contender. Little is known about her at this point, but she is demonstrating many of the same messaging and tactics as Trump.

Will a sizable portion of undecided voters go into the poll and vote for Oz, or bet on Barnett?

In the gubernatorial race – Trump has endorsed Lou Barletta. But Doug Mastriano, who is a candidate prone to conspiracy theories – is not only pulling ahead but may be pulling away by over 10 points.

Either candidate will be running against the sitting attorney general – so what will happen?

Finally – let’s talk briefly about the leaked Alito memo that could overturn Roe V Wade, will this be a mobilization tool for Dems or can Republicans keep the focus on inflation?

Thanks as always for watching and listening – we’ll see you next week.

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  1. Cheri Beasley will be the Democratic nominee for US Senate in NC, and she will clash fiercely with Ted Budd. Beasley presents vastly stronger credentials that Budd, who has been described as a “career politician.” Beasley wields a strong statewide organization, while Budd has never run for a statewide office. Trump’s popularity appears to be waning in a state weary of Republican excesses. Pennsylvania remains a conundrum, but as noted – many things will change the political landscape before the November election. Great discussion of two pivotal races.

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