We have to start today discussing yet another tragedy in Texas. So how has the right to bear arms turned into a religion for many in our country? It’s clear that a vast majority of the public favor restrictions or reforms regarding firearms – so why can’t change happen? 

Has this become a religion? 

We’ll discuss the role of guns and mental health on the root of this epidemic. Should the NRA continue with their convention? 

We’ll also talk about the latest NY Poll – the GOP has endorsed Lee Zeldin, but the leader of polls on the Republican side is Andrew Giuliani. He leads by about a 10 point margin. What’s behind this? A big factor- MAGA.

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  1. I do like how you debate the isssues civily. The I love yous at the end do not go unnoticed.
    I have to comment on one position taken.
    We have a law against theft even though theft still happens.
    We have a law against murder despite the fact we know murders will occur.
    We should not say a law banning assault weapons would do no good because there still are such weapons
    out there or more would be smuggled in. Spock would not go for it.
    Just maybe such a law would keep an 18 year old from buying one, with lots of ammo and body armor [why is that
    for sale anyway] and driving to Buffalo to shoot grandmas. True if they had assault weapons also they could have shot it out with him but that’s a different argument.

    • What are the unintended consequences of such restrictions on assault rifles? Is it possible future killers would then turn to molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, etc.?

      The problem would then still remain, and the solution unexplored.

      Cicero’s maxim has many applications here, “more laws, less justice.”

  2. M1 Garands are the WWII equivalent to the AR Platform which is misslabled as an assault weapon. The platform itself is very versitile and can be a fine hunting rifle in the 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM, 308, 7mm 08 and others. For long range sports it accomodates the 6.5 Grendel and PRC cartridgrs. In public for noe of the scary black guns are automatic or burst capable. I feel they are primarily used in mass shootings because it causes the most hoopla in the media. Truth is the do accept a large capacity magazine BUT there are now pistols that have 20 round magazines.

    Back in the day no one would think of doing such a horrific act on a soft target. What has changed? Even at the height of the 60s cultural revolution this didnt happen. I suggest the Great Society experiment has failed. The drive for achievement, providing, family values and higher morale authority seem to have been tampered with. Who did the experiment with rats in a cage where the had been given everything and the results ended up with an extremely perverted society?
    Portraying and sensationalizing violence wheter on tv, games or media will just continue the glorification of souls lost in our Great Society.

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