This week – does the structure of government really matter? Or is it more about the people who hold elected offices on both sides of the aisle that are causing such challenges? Have we crossed the point of no return around elections where both sides will accept the outcome?

We’ll talk about how we got here – all the way back to 2000 Bush v Gore. In a completely broken system, does the electoral college even matter?

We’ll also talk about a shift in moderate voters based on issues of abortion and climate. What can undo that progress for the Democrats may be the question of whether or not they’re too ‘woke’ for moderate voters.

As always we welcome your thoughts and we’ll see you next week.

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  1. With today’s technology, why do we still consider how the “small states” will get trampled?

    A national election is about one country, not 50 states. So, why don’t we establish a secure version of online voting (including voting from neighborhood centers for those who don’t have access at home) so we truly have 1 person, 1 vote with no regard to state boundaries?

    This is so doable and so fair.

    • Rick, thanks. We will get to that point and it better be soon. I believe that option scares the hell out of both party elites, especially the GOP. But as suggested we will see creative solutions coming from younger cohorts.

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