Is this the week Biden and the Democrats got their momentum back? This week let’s look at what many of Biden’s supporters are pointing two as major accomplishments that may create much needed momentum learning into the midterms.

  • Al-Queda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in drone strike in Afghanistan
  • A bill with some of the Build Back Better priorities (climate, health care and taxes) appears headed for passage
  • The PACT Act passed
  • Huge turnout in Kansas in their primary and a galvanization of those who opposed the abortion amendment.
  • 528,000 new jobs reported.

An in recent polling – the generic house ballot indicate that the Dems and Republicans are effectively tied.

Let’s look at this in the context of history and through the lends of the future. Was it actually a good week? Or much ado about nothing?

We’ll talk about the ongoing tension between centralization and decentralization? How have recent and past presidents moved us towards more centralization or power or supported de-centralizaiton of power. How might Biden’s presidency (so far) be looked at by historians and the public years from now?

Thanks as always for tuning in and we welcome your comments. We’ll be off next week but will return the following week.

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